Launching & Moving to a Our Office in Singapore

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We’re very excited to announce that we have successfully launched our new Singapore office as of yesterday! This marks a significant milestone in our growth as a trusted web design agency and we look forward to serving our clients in Singapore as well as we do our web design clients in Malaysia.

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Visit Our New Office in Singapore

For most of our team, it was the first time that we had the experience of moving our office. We have to say that it was quite a challenge! Once of the things that made it so much easier for us was engaging a professional office mover, specifically A Star Transportation & Services. Whether you are moving offices or creating a marketing campaign, having experienced professionals by your side and giving you direction and advice is very important. Without external help, we’re quite sure that moving our offices would not have gone as smoothly as it did.

Our web design, sales and customer success teams are still settling in in our new office, but we hope to be able to get some of you guys over soon. An office party perhaps?

Our new office is located in the International Business Park in Jurong, and we will update our address in our contact page once we’re ready to properly open for business.

So What’s Next After Our Office Move?

That’s a fair question.

As a web design agency, we always strive to innovate and bring new ideas and services to our clients. Within the next few months, we hope to launch several new services. We will be tying  up with our technology partners to help our clients build better websites, better service their customers and gain more revenue from their annual marketing budget.

This services include:

  1. Pay per Click Advertising
  2. Marketing Automation
  3. Social Media Management

Below is a quick overview of the services:

Pay-per-Click Advertising

Once of the most popular forms of online advertising, we will be working closely with Google Ads to offer our clients professional management of their ad accounts. This will help them increase ROI, reduce wasted budget and save more time.

Marketing Automation

We know that marketing teams are typically small in most companies and that most of them have to learn how to do more with less. This is where marketing automation comes in. We will be using technology such as artificial intelligence to help our clients stretch that marketing dollar.

Social Media Management

Social media is one of the best ways to engage with clients online. Almost everyone has a Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn account. For most people, they will check those at least once a day. This is the best way to send them your marketing messages and start building a long lasting relationship with them. If you are not on social media talking to them, then you are wasting a huge opportunity right now. Statistics in social media has proven that usage is very high in both Singapore and Malaysia.

We’re very excited to start the new phase in our company development. We hope to meet many more of you guys in the coming few months.





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