Do You Need to Upgrade Your Website Hosting?

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It would be a gross understatement to claim that your web hosting is an important part of your Internet marketing strategy. Your web hosting is the foundation of every website. It is the land upon which your website is built upon and you have to ensure that that land is strong enough for the house you’re building.

The website hosting account that you signed up when your business was a fledgeling with little visitors might not serve you as well when you start getting more visitors coming into your site. Sometimes, it’s obvious that you need to upgrade your web hosting. But for others, you may not recognise that your web hosting has become your bottleneck. This article will look at the questions you can ask yourself to determine if your web hosting requires upgrading.

Slow website loading times

Website loading time refers to how quickly your website loads. Your website loading time is important because a faster website provides a much better user experience than a slower site. It has been estimated that if Amazon’s website slowed down by one second, the e-commerce giant would stand to lose billions of dollars.

With the rise of the mobile web, it becomes even more important that your website loads quickly. Mobile web browsers are even less forgiving than their desktop counterparts when it comes to slow websites.

There are quite a few app and websites that you can go to to check how fast your site loads. For example, there is Pingdom or PageSpeed Insights.

There are too many factors to list down when it comes to improving your website loading speed. Most of these will relate to how well your website is coded and design factors. If you are looking to improve your website speed by improving these factors, then it will cost you a pretty penny. Only a good web developer who knows what they are doing will be able to properly optimise your website for speed.

However, if you are looking for a fast and quick fix, just upgrade your web hosting account. You will get a sizable speed boost if you upgrade your hosting account from the basic shared hosting to solid state drives (SSD) or cloud hosting.

Better IP reputation

If you are using a shared hosting account, that means that you will be sharing a server with hundreds or even thousands of other websites. These websites will also all share the same IP address. In terms of IP reputation, this means that everyone on the same server (and thus, IP) share the same reputation.

That’s fine provided that everyone is above board. But the problem occurs when someone sharing in the IP is found to be spamming or doing some other shady practice. What your Internet Service Provider (ISP) will do is that they will give place the IP in a blacklist.

Yes, and that will affect even you even though you did not do anything wrong. Everyone in the server or sharing the same IP will be blacklisted. You will find that you may have problems sending emails, or some visitors may not be able to fully access your site.

What are the other signs that you should upgrade your web hosting account?

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